The 10 Elements of Attractiveness

The 10 Elements of Attractiveness

The 10 Elements of Attractiveness

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Have you ever asked yourself what women are really attracted to? Have you ever wondered if there are some universal attraction laws that women all over the world respond to? I am sure you have.

I have asked myself these questions over and over again. When I think back to the time when I was unsuccessful with women and couldn’t figure out how to get a date with the girls I desired, I see a confused and clueless man.

I see a man who asked himself why all the other guys could do what he couldn’t. I see a young man who would have given everything to know the elements of attractiveness that allowed his friends to sleep with beautiful women while he was jerking off to porn.

After traveling the world for about five years and seducing women from Europe to Asia I learned what women are really attracted to. And because I want you to have the same success and fun that I had during the past five years, I want to share the elements of attractiveness with you that helped me to succeed in the land of women.

Some of these elements of attractiveness are logical, others are counterintuitive. However, each one of those 12 elements matters when it comes to how attractive the women you interact with think you are. Being attractive is about so much more than the way God made you. In fact, you won’t see looks or the state of your bank account on this list. Being an attractive man is about presenting the all-inclusive package that women can’t resist.

1. Your Words

Words are powerful. Words are so powerful that they are the main reason why political propaganda is so effective. It should be obvious that your words have a major impact on how a woman sees you.

In case you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, you just have to look at the following example:

“I don’t really know what I like to do. I am usually sitting at home and playing video games. Life can be very boring.”

“I absolutely love to play video games. I know that some people think that this is nerdy, but I don’t care. I just love the feeling of escaping into strange worlds and conquering one level after another. I need the competition.”

Imagine you are in a café with a woman and she asks you what you are doing for fun. Imagine you give her the first answer. How will she react? Now imagine you give her the second answer. You see the difference.

It should be obvious that the second answer makes her feel alive in your presence, while the first answer makes her ask herself why the heck she is on a date with you.

Both sentences say the same thing but yet, they say the complete opposite. Don’t underestimate the power of your words.

2. Your Leadership Qualities

Women want to be leaders, right? I mean, that’s what society tells us. Everywhere you look you are told that women are the better leaders and that we need more women in leadership positions.

While that’s all fine and dandy, it’s funny that nobody asks whether or not women actually want that. I know that I risk a lot of nasty comments by saying this, but the truth is that I have never met a truly happy woman who had a leadership position and who showed the same behavior in her relationship.

Even a woman, who pretends to be a strong leader in the corporate world, fantasizes about a relationship with a man who leads her.

I know that this goes against everything you have been told, but I can’t deny the truth. Women are attracted to leaders. Heck, especially the women who have to lead in their job crave for a man who takes this burden away from her in the relationship.

3. Your Authenticity

Women are sick and tired of pretenders, liars, and men who try to impress them with their cool job titles and fancy watches. They want real men. They want men who are impressive, not men who try to impress them.

They want men who are not afraid to share their honest opinion with them. They want men who don’t care about whether or not they might offend her by speaking the truth. Women want real relationships with real men.

Be authentic with the women you interact and they will allow themselves to be authentic with you. Be dishonest and inauthentic and they will be dishonest and inauthentic with you. You don’t really want that, do you?

4. Your Body Language

Women are attracted to confident leaders and a confident leader doesn’t walk around like a sack of potatoes. A confident leader expresses his leadership qualities through his body. He walks like a hero and not like a thief who tries to hide. The most important tip I can give you is to walk in a way as if you are not afraid to be seen. Of course, I also hope that you are not afraid to be seen.

That’s the kind of guy that women are magically attracted to. A man who wants to be seen is a man who is in love with himself and the world. That’s an attractive man.

5. Your Seductive Scent 

One of the most basic elements of attractiveness that so many men fail at is their personal hygiene. Especially Star Wars-loving nerds (I am one of them) tend to have some issues with their body odor.

Yes, there has been a time when I also thought that washing my hair every three days and wearing the same socks for one week was perfectly fine. It’s not, at least when you want to attract beautiful women who don’t smell like rotten fish.

Is showering every day really too much to ask for? I hope not. There is actually another naughty trick besides showing that makes you smell even more irresistible. Don’t be afraid to do what you have to do in order to attract women with your smell.

6. Your Style

All women love men in leather jackets, right? Well, the right leather jacket can make you more attractive, but I wouldn’t say that all women love men who wear leather jackets.

Some women like them, others like suits, and others like tank tops.  You can’t please every single girl on the planet.

When it comes to your style there is only one thing that matters. Your style should be in alignment with your personality. If you are a nerd, a pair of nerd glasses is way more appropriate than a Hells Angels leather jacket.

Your clothes should represent who you are and how you feel. This makes it easier for women to see if you are the type of guy she is attracted to and it makes it way easier for you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

7. Your Sexual Confidence

I hope you already know that women are not particularly innocent angels who don’t even think about something naughty as having sex. Women are, just like men, sexual beings whose brains are focused on reproduction. There are even some studies that prove that women think about sex more often than men.

Yes, women are beautiful naughty creatures who think about sex all day long. And in order to live out their sexual desires, they need a man who is not intimidated by this fact. They need a man with sexual confidence. Unless you want to continue to jerk off to porn, you should develop a healthy attitude towards your own sexuality and a non-judgmental attitude towards female sexuality.

8. Your Emotional Availability

Thanks to some leading manosphere blogs a lot of guys believe that they have to be emotionless rocks, so-called alpha dudes 2.0, in order to attract women. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women don’t want men who suppress their emotions in order to appear cool. Do you remember what I said when I talked about being authentic? Women want real men and real men to have feelings. Oh, and they are not afraid to show them. Be a real human being with real feelings and the women you interact with will take off their masks and show you who they really are.

9. Your Values

Women are not the superficial creatures that a lot of men think they are. Once you learn how to truly connect with women, you’ll find out very quickly that a lot of women are deeper than the ocean. They have emotions, they have dreams and they also have values.

Sometimes you meet a woman who has completely different values than you. Another time you win the jackpot and you meet a woman who sees the world through your eyes.

In order to allow this special girl to become attracted to you, you have to share your values with her. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to go deep. Let her know that your friends and family are important to you. Tell her how important honesty, authenticity, and reliability are for you. If she sees the world through your eyes, she’ll want to see you on top of her.

10. Your Life Purpose

Every man needs to have a purpose. Every woman knows that. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of men who don’t know that, or who simply deny it because they are afraid to live their purpose. You need to have a vision in order to be truly attractive.

Women are magically drawn to visionaries. They are attracted to guys who have something that excites them and who do something that fulfills them. That’s the only reason why the starving artist who loves his work gets more women than the well-off accountant who hates his job and has no other purpose than filling out excel sheets. Follow your life purpose and women will follow you.

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