Podcast 023: The One Habit That Holds 99% of Men Back. Are YOU One of Them?

Podcast 023: The One Habit That Holds 99% of Men Back. Are YOU One of Them?

Podcast 023: The One Habit That Holds 99% of Men Back. Are YOU One of Them?

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This is episode 023 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this session, I chat with Marc Summers of MajorLeagueDating.com on a subject that needs to be addressed – porn and masturbation. When trying to improve your life, porn is the first thing you should cut out. 99% of guys don’t realize this, but porn and excessive masturbation are holding them back and stripping them of their potential. This episode goes into the SCIENCE behind how this is holding you back. If you want to be the best version of yourself, and you watch porn – I highly recommend you listen to this talk and then make your own educated decision.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– The science behind what porn does to a man’s brain
– How real sex differs from porn and masturbation
– The negative effects of porn in your life that you may not even know about
– How to quit porn for good
– The benefits you will see after quitting porn
– How long it takes to quit porn
– Much more…

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

– Marc’s Website: MajorLeagueDating.com
– Marc’s Book: 98 Ways to Stop Watching Porn and Masturbating
The Top Ten Reasons to Stop Watching Porn
Porn Addiction: How to Quit Porn

Other Resources For Quitting Porn
Reddit No Fap (Huge community of guys who quit, fapping)
YourBrainonPorn.com (All the science behind porn addiction and what it does to your brain)
FightTheNewDrug (Another great resource for why to stop watching porn. A huge look at what it does to your brain.)

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– Sean Russell

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0 thoughts on “Podcast 023: The One Habit That Holds 99% of Men Back. Are YOU One of Them?”

  1. I was touched by your details here sean. I am 19 in the flatline weeks into it final reboot legit addict and ed (habits everything ) had ed still do at 18, lost morning wood at 16 but im curious how much u got laid in college if at is u in ur picture, ill share my success when i am healed appreciate it sean there are young guys listening to yall taking it on board.

    • Thanks Mcqueen – glad you found this useful! And good job quitting at a young age, just keep at it.
      I got laid decently in college, but no where near my potential. Only a few girls a semester. I really did not achieve anywhere near my potential in those years of my life. Hence the need for major change. Not that the amount of girls you sleep with defines you, but that was something I wanted to do back then like most guys.

      • Yeah, I have 1 more comment my man.
        1 – Any input into how to get over the “mindset/thought” that it’s my “purpose” to go around and tell all the loser guys to stop porn (strangers, not friends) ?
        2- How long did your flat line last and how was your morning wood during it (And it returning, frequency/strength) ?
        Marc talks about 30 days for a habit, yeah 30 days for a masturbation habit but for porn ADDICTION its like 2-6months. Fucks my confidence with no libido.
        Appreciate a response VERY much Sean – thanks

        • Yeah science says that habits can take a lot longer. and addictions are different than habits. It can easily take over 6 months for the brain to reset back to normal neurotransmitter levels. An oversight on his part.
          1) My mindset for #1 is I don’t give anyoen advice unless they ask for it. When you come on my site, you ask for it. And in person I let people live their lives. They know I know things, so if they ask – I help.
          2) It’s hard to say, but it was off and on for months, with set backs and such. It will come back man! It may be mental right now b/c you are constantly thinking about it too.

  2. I would like to thank you for your work here.
    For a long time I have felt that there has been something seriously wrong with me regarding porn and my life. I think it has really screwed me up both mentally and societally.
    In recent months I have hit such a rock bottom that I had some kind of mental breakdown. I even thought of taking my own life, that my life was not worth living, that I am not fit for purpose as a man, unable to deal with even the most minor of life’s troubles.
    I have had really bad depression and had terrible anxiety attacks where I could not control my emotions at all and it allowed all my fears and insecurities to come to the forefront – which just reinforced how messed up things are in my life.
    I attribute the majority of it to porn and my addiction to it. As I am finding out, it has seriously been re-wiring my brain – even to the point of starting to question my sexuality after gravitating to niche porn fetishes that would ordinarily disgust me or seriously contradict with my beliefs (not religious, but about the world).
    The more extreme/depraved it has got, the more humiliating and worthless I think have become, even seeking out porn that specifically reinforces this view of myself. That itself has been very addictive, needing to see it and ‘even say it’ to myself in order to ‘get off’.
    The slide into this addiction to fetishes has been going on for around 9 years now. I am in my late 30’s and have been viewing general porn since I was about16. I have wasted at least 9 years being lonely and reliant on porn, maybe 15 years.
    I have never approached a girl, never been on dates, never had a relationship. I was a late starter at school and by the time I realised, it already felt too late to start without being seen as lame or being laughed at for extreme inexperience. Because of this, and some other reasons, I have never even made an attempt to try. I have avoided women, and nobody seemed to measure up to the fantasy world I was in with porn.
    At nearly 40, it is just so tough. I cannot even hold a five minute conversation with a woman, certainly not strangers. In a vicious cycle, I have realised I have come to rely on porn as a substitute for normal and healthy relations. I have retreated from life, scared of it and I think I have become addicted to porn to fulfil sexual urges.
    It has also led me to some risky and lewd behaviour in outdoor places away from the public, such as what would otherwise be considered as indecent exposure. This is not normal behaviour for me. I know something is going seriously wrong and I believe porn has really altered my mind and behavioural patterns.
    After my breakdown, I tried to give it up. I made it about two to three weeks before relapsing straight back into the worst kind of hardcore fetish material that makes me feel inadequate and inferior. That just depressed me even more, that I had broken the resistance.
    I have managed to cut down quite a lot. From three days a week to one. Then once or twice a month. Yet I am slipping back to my old ways.
    Listening to this podcast and reading some of the articles is really reassuring that I am not alone and that there is a whole new way of living out there – if I could only manage to change my ways. It is inspiring and encouraging.
    I would not consider myself an ugly person. I am moderately fit and able. I have a good job and financial security more than most people. It can happen to anybody.
    Although there will be those who laugh and sneer at porn addictions and people like me, I think that for some of us, porn addiction has wrecked our lives and even our brains. I think it is extremely serious and nothing to be disregarded so easily.
    If you’re not affected – good for you. I have recognised that I am affected and hopefully that recognition is my “first step” towards getting better.

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