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The Absolute Best Place to Meet Women: The Results of a 6 Month Study Revealed

best place to meet women

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My clients ask me all the time, “Sean, where is the best place to meet women?

The answer is simple, and always the same.

But when I tell them, many of them don’t believe me! So I decided to do the research to back up what I already know with numbers and data, which is that:

The best place to meet women is not at a bar. Not online. But rather during the day in an organic setting. The street. The cafe. The grocery store. The mall. Wherever you find yourself during your daily adventures. By a mile. In this article:

  • I will explain why this is
  • I will teach you how to do this
  • I will tell you the best places to meet women organically (ranked 1-15)

To prove my claims I spent 6 months testing the most common places to meet women to ensure that my claims are based on fact and not bias. In this article you will find all the stats and data on the different places to meet women. Here’s what I tested. I’ll explain it all below.

CategoryWomen Talked toTime CommitmentNumbers/Messages Exchanged
Online Dating87 Messages Sent120 Hours (on computer)7 Conversations Started
Bars/Clubs67 Girls Hit on61 Hours 16 Numbers Exchanged
In Person302 Women Talked to20 Hours60 Numbers Exchanged!

I’ve coached hundreds of men, and since this experiment have met my own wife Sara while she was simply walking down the streets of Budapest. A girl so beautiful she would likely never respond to me on a dating app or give me 5 seconds in a bar or club. So I figured the results would confirm my suspicion that this is the best place to meet girls, and they did.

Sean and Sara Russell

So see below all the figures & data, how many girls I talked to, how it went, etc. so you can make your own educated decision on where to meet women. And then I’ll teach you how to do it.

By the end of this article, I promise that without a doubt you will see that the street is the best place to meet women and you will be itching to learn exactly how to do it.

key takeaways

  • The best place to meet single women by far is organically on during the daytime.
  • Based on my testing and experimentation, the best places to meet women during the day are the streets of a busy city, parks and grocery stores.
  • Doing this has a hard entry point but gets easier after a few days and allows you to meet single women that are most attractive to you & harder to meet online/in bars.

Where is The WORST Place to Meet Women?

Before I explain to you why the best place to meet women is the street, let me tell you why the places that most guys think are the best places to meet women are actually the worst places to meet women. Bear with me.

Approach 1: Internet Dating (Not Advised)

The pandemic has caused an eruption in the domain of online dating. While it can be considered a legitimate method to meet women, it’s surely the worst method to meet women. Allow me to elaborate.

The issues with online dating sites involve:

  • Intense competition
  • Excessive time commitment
  • Financial burden
  • Attractively presented women on dating platforms receive 20-30 messages EACH DAY, some from exceptionally handsome men.

The competition is fierce. You can invest endless hours browsing, initiating conversations and when finally, a discussion takes off, you might devote days (or even weeks) with no certainty of a real-life meeting. Additionally, you’re billed monthly for this.

What I Tell My Students:

Online dating is decent. But it should not be your primary platform to meet women. Use it as a secondary tool to meeting women organically during your daily routine. Don’t pour excessive time into dating your computer.

Approach 2: Bars & Nightclubs (Not Advised)

Bars and nightclubs have their charm. They are excellent spots to unwind and revel, but they are not the best place to meet women as commonly believed.

Here’s why:

  • Extreme competition
  • The pursuit of women can detract from your enjoyment
  • High expenditure – If you’re prepared to splurge $14 on a Cosmo for every woman you wish to interact with, then more power to you. But at bars & clubs, women are approached all evening. They’re on high alert and quick to reject advances.

Moreover, you don’t want to be the guy lingering on the edge of the dancefloor with a drink clutched to your chest, on the prowl. This is the result when you prioritize women in your outings. Relax, man! Only jesting. Or am I?

What I Tell My Students:

Visiting bars & clubs is awesome, but aiming to score should not be your primary goal. If you sincerely wish to charm the ladies on your evening out, simply go out and have a ball! Approach women during the day (see below) and then at night you can let loose. Being less desperate will increase your appeal, and then you can invite women into your “sphere of enjoyment.” If they decline – no big deal! At least you’re guaranteed a memorable night. And honestly, if you truly embrace this, they will be queuing to join you.

Approach 3: Meet Women During The Day (Advised)

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce a remarkable place – a place brimming with attractive women, devoid of competition and where everyone is receptive to your overtures. This magical spot is called anywhere outside your home.

I anticipate your skepticism.

Approaching a random woman on the street to get her number can’t be feasible! It’s unnerving, it’s awkward, etc. – excuses. YES, IT IS.

While it might be the scariest thing you’ve ever attempted the first time, it will become less daunting with practice. And the best part is, if you live an active life – there are girls everywhere. I’ve connected with some of the hottest girls I’ve been with at the gym, grocery store and cafe’s.

Right now, I am married to Sara, who I approached on the bustling streets of Budapest with a stupid mindless comment about her earrings. She’s an enchanting Hungarian girl (most are) who probably would have ignored my message on Tinder or any of the prevalent dating apps.

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Like many others, I thought this was an impossibility for me. I couldn’t converse with a woman unless I was highly inebriated. But with the right guidance, even though the initial 10 conversations were excruciatingly awkward, I can now effortlessly converse with any woman, anytime, and often acquire her number or secure an immediate date. It’s by far the quickest, most economical and most effective method to find a girlfriend.


  • No competitors
  • No time squandered
  • It’s complimentary & infinite

Visualize a stunning woman…

She gets 30 messages per day from attractive men on Tinder. She is approached by 50 men a night when she hits the bar. But, not a SINGLE man approaches her while she’s at the local grocery store, or hits on her at the gym.

If you see a guy with a girl who is out of his league, either he has a lot of money or he knows how to talk to girls during the day
john cooper
art of social

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My Personal Results: a 6 Month Test of The Best Place to Meet Women

The Absolute Best Place to Meet Women: The Results of a 6 Month Study Revealed 1

Alright, so now for the meat and potatoes of this article.

You know now that the best place to meet women is anywhere during the day. But is this backed by any data? Now it is.

I spent 2 months on dating apps, 2 months just going to bars & clubs and 2 months of just talking to women during everyday life. Here are the results.

Fun Times.Women Talked toTime CommitmentNumbers Got
Online Dating87 Messages Sent120 Hours (on computer)7 Conversations Started
Bars/Clubs67 Girls Hit on61 Hours 16 Numbers Exchanged
In Person302 Women Talked to20 Hours60 Numbers Exchanged!

Where to Meet Women – Metrics explained:

So first off let me say that testing where to meet women this last half year was a lot of fun. You could imagine. But it was also very time consuming.

Online Dating:

For the 2 months I spent online dating only, I used Tinder1 and Plenty of Fish2. I sent 87 messages to 87 different women. I spent around 3 hours a day on the computer swiping and messaging. Most girls didn’t answer – I got into 7 good conversations and met up with 4 of these girls.

Final Verdict: Annoying, time consuming, wasteful. The women I was most attracted to did not answer me. I spent a long time messaging before getting a date, and some just fizzled out. I do not recommend to anyone to meet women online.


I went out with my friends 2 nights per week (Friday/Saturday). That in itself is very limiting. The rest of the week you just do nothing. I spent quite a lot of money but at least it was fun. Much better than online dating sites. We hit on a lot of girls and I got a lot of numbers, kisses and a few one night stands. I met up with another 6 of the girls outside of the bar.

Final Verdict: Fun. But I would only use this as a place to meet women in addition to hitting on girls during the day as it’s limited to two nights a week and it can be expensive.

The Street:

Okay, so I didn’t want to be a creepy pick up artist who wandered around the street all day hunting for women and talking to everyone he sees. This is not the goal here. I wanted to just be active, and whenever I saw a girl I thought was hot I would go tell her and then try to get her phone number or Instagram. I saw a LOT of hotties as I live in NYC so yes I spoke to 302 women (an average of 5 per day) in 2 months! I got 60 numbers/Instagrams and met up with 20 of them. I had 3 situations where we had sex the same day (within 2 hours) after going on instant dates and then heading back to my apartment.

Final Verdict: The results speak to themselves. But what was most notable was that the girls were all women I were extremely attracted to. I spent no money and exerted not much time as I was already out and about when I saw these girls.

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Where to Meet Women During The Day:
The Top 15 Places Ranked

a coffee shop is a great place to meet women

Alright, alright, alright. You’re in search of the holy grail of male existence, aren’t you? You’re looking to unlock the grand mystery of where to meet women. Well, buckle up, champ. It’s time to embark on this eye-opening safari.

Below I will list the best spots for meeting women during the day, and then below this I will teach you exactly how to do it EVEN if you are super shy and don’t think you can.

So here are the best places to meet girls during the day:

1: A Popular Park

I live in NYC so central park is my #1 spot to meet girls. There are single women from all over the world relaxing in one beautiful spot. The best part is, complimenting them on how beautiful they are is going to at the minimum, brighten their day a bit.

the park is an amazing place to pick up girls

To learn how to talk to them and get their numbers see the bottom section of this article.

2: The Grocery Store

Ah, the grocery store – Mother Nature’s pub. Women need to eat, right? And, what could be more appealing than a man who knows his way around the fresh produce section? It’s the best place to meet women who appreciate a well-balanced diet.

But seriously – it is one of the best places to meet women because most women visit the grocery store and if you happen to be there and see a girl you like then it’s an easy spot to start a conversation, tell her how you feel and get her phone number. Learn how in the next part.

3: The Streets of a Busy City

Meeting women on the street is an art, but when you have it down – this is one of the best places to meet girls by far. You can stop a girl right in the middle of the sidewalk and have her number 2 minutes later. Or be on your way to a coffee shop for an instant date. It’s crazy.

4: The Mall

The mall is one of the best places to pick up girls. They’re everywhere! This is a perfect place to tell them how good they look and see if they’d want to meet up sometime

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5: The Bookstore

It’s like a library but less hush-hush. In a bookstore, a woman’s book choice tells a thousand tales, my friend. Start up a conversation about her favorite authors, and boom! You’ve just created a plot twist in her day. Best place to pick up women who have a brain and aren’t afraid to use it.

6: The Coffee Shop

That frappuccino ain’t gonna make itself, and those women aren’t gonna meet themselves. Coffee shops are bustling with women in need of caffeine and conversation. With a latte in one hand and charm in the other, it could be the best place to meet women.

7: Yoga Classes

Bend it like Beckham? More like breathe it like Buddha. Yoga classes are filled with zen and flexible women looking for inner peace (and maybe a partner in the process). A lot of men attend yoga classes just to meet women, and while this can be a great place to meet women – please don’t go there just for that as it can quickly become creepy.

8: Cooking Classes

Remember, a way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. Cooking classes aren’t just where to meet women, but where to impress them with your culinary skills, too.

9: Dog Parks

Dogs – they’re not just man’s best friend; they’re man’s best wingman. A dog park is the best place to pick up women who have a soft spot for furry friends.

10: Art Galleries

If you’re seeking a woman with a taste for the finer things in life, then art galleries are your treasure trove. Engage in conversation about the abstract, and let her paint a picture of you in her mind.

11: Music Festivals

Music brings people together, doesn’t it? So why not use it to find your potential plus one? Jamming to the same tunes might just be your melody to her heart.

12: Volunteering Events

Doing good feels good, but meeting someone while doing good feels even better. Volunteering events are the best place to meet women who value kindness and community.

13: Sports Events

Not all women are at the salon on game day. Some are right there in the crowd, rooting for their team. Sporting events are definitely where to meet women who love the thrill of the game.

14: Social Meetups

One of the best places for meeting single women are social meetups. There are meetups for every occasion and even meetups made just for singles which are of course, loaded with single women. Here’s what I suggest:

  • Meetup.com3
  • MySocialCalender.com4
  • TheSinglesGroup.com5

Start getting out there. Sign up to 1-2 events each week and you’ll meet loads of women while having a great time. Then it’s just up to you to make a move.

So, there you have it, pal. This world is a giant playground filled with potential soulmates.

You just need to know where to look.

How to Meet Women During The Daytime

The Absolute Best Place to Meet Women: The Results of a 6 Month Study Revealed 2

Alright, so now that you know where to meet women – let’s look at how you do it.

Most guys know how to meet women online, or how to go to a bar and get drunk enough until you wake up in someone else’s bed. But not many men can walk up to a beautiful girl during the daylight hours and tell her how amazing she looks.

I understand that the idea of talking to a random girl in public might seem outrageous to you right now. Growing up, we’ve been told that the only place to meet women is at a bar or a club. However, what you need to realize is that the uniqueness of talking to a random girl during the day is your greatest strength.

You see, most men – well, 99% of them – do not do this. They feel exactly as you do right now and they continue to go to bars and clubs or resort to online dating. Because of this, there’s a huge opportunity for you to be the only guy in your neighborhood, or one of the few men in your city, who has the courage and ability to approach a random girl, say hello, and tell her that he thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Doing so demonstrates incredible confidence. It separates you from 99% of men and eliminates all competition. There’s a very high chance that you’ll be the only guy who hits on her in this way all week, and possibly all month. It’s memorable, it’s attractive, and because it’s so unusual, it works.

The best part is, you don’t have to be smooth, super confident, or look like Brad Pitt. Being nervous is actually a good thing. It’s real. It’s authentic.

There are many complexities when it comes to talking to women during the day, but what you have to understand is that all you really need to do is express your truth.

If you see a beautiful girl, all you have to do is express your truth. Walk up to her and tell her exactly what you’re feeling in that moment.

“Hey, how are you? Listen, I know this is weird and very unusual but I just saw you and I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m really nervous right now. I’ve never done anything like this but I really just had to come over and meet you. My name is Sean.”

It’s that simple.

Can you talk for a little while? Can you tell her you would love to see her again and ask her for her number? The whole interaction can take as little as two minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, the first time you do this it will be extremely difficult. You may not be able to muster up the courage for even a week every time you see a beautiful woman, but as long as you keep trying and don’t give up, eventually, you will make your first approach. While it may be extremely embarrassing and you might fumble over your words and possibly even black out like I did, you’ll see that it’s safe. And from that point on, the floodgates will open. It gets easier and easier.

By the 10th time you do this, it will become second nature and you will be able to do it any time, anywhere. After a month of doing it for fun and collecting as many numbers as you want, you’ll find that if you do it right and approach with the right energy, you can never be truly rejected, even if the girl tells you off.

So, what is the right energy?

Let’s dive into that.

Because the strategies that 99% of dating coaches teach right now are wrong. Most people teach you how to become a pick-up artist. This is very bad advice. This is the wrong energy.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that, being needy is the opposite of being attractive.

In the current dating model, pickup, you are only successful if you GET the girl. You are incomplete without her.

the current dating model

This gives off a needy smell. You see, women can smell that needy smell on you.

To hide this, dating coaches use a whole host of techniques. The goal is to hide the needy smell and use techniques to pretend to be an attractive guy. We call this the pick up artist shield:

what it looks like when a guy is needy

I call these techniques the PUA shield. A shield of techniques to hide the needy smell.

The problem with this is when you feel one thing (you want her), but you express another thing (you don’t want her), this creates an incongruence in your energy.

It’s what we all know as creepiness.

So you can spend your whole life being needy and using techniques and tricks to seem like your not, or you can rip the neediness out of the deepest depths of your bones and become a truly attractive man who knows how to take action with women.



The Ultimate Dating Program
  • Learn how to get women without doing pick-up.
  • Completely eliminate the fear of talking to girls.
  • From the conversation to getting numbers, dates and inviting her to your place. 😏

Shift Your Mindset

I’m sure you’re on board now with losing your neediness and becoming an attractive guy, instead of pretending to be one. So how do you do this?

Instead of needing the girl or a girlfriend to become whole, what you need to do is first become whole without women.

This is called being autonomous.

Now, instead of trying to fill the hole within you with women, and being super needy – you can express your masculine desire to the women you find attractive from a place of wholeness. You can shine your desire unconditionally, without needing anything in return. Like the sun.

a better way to get a girlfriend

Sun energy is very powerful. The sun shines its light unconditionally. If you decided you don’t want a tan and you want to stand in the shade – the sun does not feel rejected. To be truly attractive, you must do the same.

Everything is built from this core foundation.

If you want to learn more…

If you want to learn more about the energetic principles of attraction, listen to this podcast I did with my mentor John Cooper. It’s pretty epic:

And if you’re on board know with where the best place to meet women is, and you want to master the ability to talk to girls at the park or on the street then check out The Ultimate Dating Program on our streaming service Menprovement X. It will teach you step by step how to go from complete beginner to master in 35 HD video lessons.

Thanks so much for reading guys. I hope this guide helps you meet the woman of your dreams.

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