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7 benefits of Quitting Caffeine That will blow your mind

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Ditching caffeine is not a cakewalk, and it’s time we talked about it. Welcome to this comprehensive deep-dive into the world of caffeine dependency and the often-overlooked benefits of quitting caffeine. From an energy level rebalance to significant financial savings, going caffeine-free can revolutionize your life

But, what about the withdrawal symptoms and how long they last?

We’ll explore the caffeine withdrawal timeline in detail, sharing stories of hundreds who’ve been there and battled through it.

Key Takeaways

  • Embracing a caffeine-free lifestyle can lead to consistent energy, less stress, better sleep, and saved money.
  • Caffeine withdrawal symptoms vary person-to-person, from a week for some to months for others.
  • Quitting caffeine can result in fewer headaches, decreased premature aging, and improved sexual health.
  • A caffeine-free journey is not for the faint-hearted, but the long-term benefits make the struggle worthwhile.
  • Regular caffeine intake can lead to dependency, impacting productivity and overall well-being.

Benefits of Being Caffeine Free

Giant cappuchino

The problem is not just in my or anyone else’s head. Caffeine is a drug and not being dependent on it carries many benefits.

For example, after quitting caffeine and getting through withdrawals:

  • You will have consistent energy levels throughout the day
  • You will have a decrease in stress and anxiety
  • You will wake up easier and more refreshed
  • You will save money
  • You will have fewer Headaches and Muscle Aches
  • You will decrease the risk of premature aging
  • You will get harder erections!

Let’s expand on that.

#1 You will have consistent energy levels throughout the day

Quitting caffeine is a game-changer when it comes to your energy levels. Think about it. How many times have you felt that mid-afternoon slump, reaching for another cup of coffee just to get by?

That’s the caffeinated beverages trap.

When you free yourself from this cycle, the game changes. Your body learns to maintain its energy naturally and rhythmically.

Instead of experiencing those dramatic spikes and crashes, your energy levels stabilize, becoming consistent throughout the day. You’ll find yourself more productive, and more focused, and won’t have to worry about that post-lunch zombie mode. It’s the freedom to enjoy sustained energy without being a slave to the bean!

#2 You will have a decrease in stress and anxiety

Many folks don’t realize that their morning brew might actually be contributing to their daily stress and anxiety. Caffeine consumption stimulates your nervous system, which can lead to feelings of nervousness and jitters, increasing stress levels.

Quitting caffeine helps dial down this stress response. You might just find yourself calmer, more at peace, less anxious. You’ll be amazed at how your body and mind respond to a caffeine-free lifestyle, transforming you into a more relaxed version of yourself.

#3 You will wake up easier and more refreshed

Quitting caffeine helps you rekindle a loving relationship with your sleep cycle. You see, too much caffeine can interfere with your sleep quality, preventing you from entering those restorative deep sleep stages.

Once caffeine is out of your life, your sleep patterns can get back to normal. You’ll find yourself waking up more naturally, without needing that jolt of java to jumpstart your day. Imagine waking up feeling genuinely refreshed, ready to seize the day! It’s a game-changer.

#4 You will save money

Ditching the daily Starbucks runs and expensive energy drinks means more dollars in your pocket. Consider this: spending $4 a day on coffee totals over $1,400 in a year. Imagine what you could do with that money instead!

From investing in a gym membership, going on a vacation, to simply saving for a rainy day, the financial benefits of quitting caffeine can be substantial.

#5 You will have fewer Headaches and Muscle Aches

Headaches and muscle aches can often be side effects of caffeine intake, especially during the withdrawal period. However, once you’ve broken free from the cycle, you may find these aches and pains dwindling.

Your body will thank you, and you’ll find yourself reaching less often for the painkillers. It’s a testament to the power of the caffeine-free path.

#6 You will decrease the risk of premature aging

Caffeinated beverages might be secretly accelerating your aging process. From dehydrating your skin to causing sleep disruptions, regular caffeine intake can take a toll on your skin health and overall vitality.

Stepping off the caffeine carousel can help your body restore its natural balance, promoting healthier, younger-looking skin, and staving off signs of premature aging.

#7 You will get harder erections!

Ok, fellas, let’s talk. Reduced caffeine consumption can actually imprmove your sexual health. It’s not talked about a lot, but it’s true. Caffeine intake can mess with your blood circulation, which is crucial for a strong erection.

By cutting out the caffeine, you’re promoting lower blood pressure and better blood flow, leading to, well, stronger and harder erections! You’ll be surprised at the changes in your performance once you take a step back from the caffeine.

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My Take

When I was on caffeine, I started to have a problem with anxiety and my energy levels. I was on a constant track of ups and downs, and each cup made me increasingly jittery and nervous. Some people will never feel this way. Good for you. But most people do, and they have no idea what the cause is. If you’re someone who experiences jitters from caffeine intake, it can be helpful to learn how to get rid of the jitters.

When I started quitting caffeine drinks, and recovered from caffeine consumption withdrawals, my life has gotten a lot better. I have consistent energy throughout the day. I wake up refreshed and my overall well-being has increased. I also don’t have to spend my hard-earned money just to feel good and have the energy to get out of the house.

Sean’s note

It is a great change, but I will not butter it up. It did not come easy…

Caffeine withdrawal Symptoms

man screaming due to Caffeine addiction

Okay, so now you are confined that caffeine is bad and you want to experience the benefits of becoming caffeine-free.

Unfortunately, you have to go through hellish withdrawals.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are real, and it sucks. A lot. If you decide to go caffeine-free and you have been dependent on caffeine for years like I was you will go through some serious symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, and they will likely last for months.

Although everyone is different, I will share with you the caffeine withdrawal symptoms that I experienced. 

First, some commonly reported excessive caffeine consumption symptoms:

  1. Headache and feeling mentally drained
  2. Insomnia
  3. Fatigue
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Irritability
  7. High blood pressure
  8. Muscle pain and stiffness
  9. Lack of concentration
  10. Flu-like symptoms

Since writing this article, we have had amazing 700+ comments from people going through similar caffeine withdrawals.

My Caffeine Withdrawal symptoms Timeline:

So how long do caffeine withdrawal symptoms last for a super-sensitive person like me? Here is my caffeine withdrawal timeline.

Week 1:

Extreme fatigue for the first week I quit caffeine. Feels almost like bad jet lag. You have no energy to do anything and you don’t really want to do anything. Concentration was near impossible this week. Also developed what seemed to be a slight cold and higher blood pressure.

Week 2-4:

Along with extreme fatigue, and a higher blood pressure depression sets in. I felt so low. I didn’t want to do a damn thing and I felt like a complete piece of sh*t. This honestly lasted over 2 weeks. This was accompanied by some raised anxiety levels. I was just constantly stressed out and felt horrible.

Honestly, it’s rough, and your body is so dependent on it that when you take the caffeine away your brain misses those chemicals and needs to rebalance itself. This state feels like it is never going to end but you will get through this state, just stay strong.

Month 2: 

Depression and anxiety went away but my brain was just plain dull. Life wasn’t too exciting at this time and I just felt bland. I didn’t have strong energy but I wasn’t in extreme fatigue.

It’s just a lull. As the month went on I began to experience glimpses of feeling good. But they were short-lived. sleep got a lot better this month. I began to sleep very deep and I feel like this is important in the road to recovery.

Month 3:

The glimpses of feeling good started to get a little longer in duration. I would start to feel good for a few days but then have another wave of fatigue and a dull foggy mindset in. It was discouraging but I knew that recovery was not linear. There were good weeks and there were shitty dull brain weeks.

The depression and anxiety were gone though. You are almost completely stress-free because you are kind of just there lol. Lack of emotion is a good way to describe it.

Month 4:

This is when things really started to turn around. The dull foggy mind was about 80% clear and things started to seem bright again. I was excited to go do stuff and happy that I was free of caffeine. This was the first feeling that all my sacrifice in the past few months was worth it and it was about damn time.

Month 5 (Where I am writing this article):

Awesome! Literally, the brain fog and dullness are completely gone.

I feel awesome and I wake up refreshed at 7 AM. My co-workers are slaves to caffeine and when they ask me if I want a cup I can say no thanks. I am energized and lively all the time. My wit has come back and my mind is sharp. I find myself joking around and I am very quick to the punch.

Approaching girls a lot more now and I truly believe this has helped. Feeling that I am grounded while energized and can hold a good conversation. Essentially I just have a great mental balance. No anxiety from caffeine but good energy about me. It’s the best of both worlds...

Sean’s Tip:

It’s important to note that if you are going strong and you do give in to a cup of coffee or a caffeine fix during your withdrawal symptoms, this will not set you back to the start. It may set you back a day or two but trust me you are not starting over.

I went back to the caffeine a few times during my whole journey. Each time I felt I noticed a little bit more how shitty caffeine really was. The energy it gave me was an unclean stressful buzz. It was accompanied by some anxiety and didn’t really help much. So each time I went right off it again.

It definitely may have amplified symptoms for a few days but then I was right back to where I was.

As You See This is Not Easy

This is not for everyone. But I assure you if you are reaching for coffee or soda several times a day just to get you by, and you still feel fatigued, you can really benefit in the long run from going caffeine-free.

Many people start to become so strung out from caffeine and stress that the caffeine actually starts to make them more tired. It doesn’t work and they need more and it’s just an ugly downward spiral. This eventually can lead to adrenal fatigue, which I believe I definitely had and really takes a toll on your quality of life.

To significantly reduce stress and the strain on your adrenals, try this outstanding and powerful organic ashwagandha supplement. This particular ashwagandha has been clinically shown to reduce cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) by 28%. It works great and is well-known for helping with caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

And don’t listen to anyone who says caffeine withdrawal symptoms only lasts a few days to a week and cannot last more than a month. I’ve experienced it and I assure you it is real. Some sources say that your brain can take up to a year to fully revert back to its pre-caffeine state. See some of the links below for others who have taken longer to heal.

Caffeine Withdrawal symptoms: The Truth

Woman drinking a cup of coffee

If you’re going through caffeine withdrawals, know that you are not alone.

There are hundreds of other men and women who experience much worse withdrawals than they expected based on what they read online.

Here’s a fun fact: Caffeine is the most commonly used addictive drug in existence.

Many of you have probably never considered it to be a drug, but it certainly is. (Just Google caffeine and check out the classification box to the right) I’m not saying it is a bad drug.

Why Would You Ever Give Up Caffeine?

Kicking caffeine is certainly not for everyone, and I am in no way against caffeine or trying to say it is bad for you.

I know people that live in Starbucks and wouldn’t be able to function without it. But to me, this is the problem. “They wouldn’t be able to function without it.” 

Ask yourself right now, if caffeinated drinks weren’t available for you tomorrow, how productive and useful would you be? Most of you would probably be completely brain-dead zombies. I was.

Personally, I do not want to be reliant on any substances. I used to be heavily reliant on too much caffeine for years and now I am 100% free of it. Since this life change, I can assure you my energy levels may be twice as good as they were before.

I must warn you though. This is not for the faint of heart and this change does not happen overnight. This is a decision for long-term self-improvement and will make anything else you are trying to do in the next few months much more difficult. But if you can stick with it I know you won’t regret it.

Sean’s note

The benefits of quitting caffeine consumption are definitely worth it.

Caffeine is an Addictive Drug

Caffeine is one of the most widely accepted addictive drugs on the planet, along with porn. Check out the infographic below for more detail on just how addictive caffeine truly is.

Infographic: brief details on caffeine withdrawals

How to Beat Caffeine Withdrawal

Old man drinking cappuchino

The caffeine withdrawal timeline and duration will differ for everyone. If you find that you are having a really rough time after a week has gone by, here are some tips to get back to feeling good again.

1) Drink a lot of water

Hydration is key, folks. Ditching your energy drinks and coffee might give your blood pressure a break, but it can leave you feeling parched. Remember, a dry body is a grumpy body during caffeine withdrawal. So keep your water bottle filled and at your side.

2) Taper off the Caffeine

When it comes to quitting caffeine, going cold turkey isn’t always your best bet. We’re looking at a marathon here, not a sprint. Lower your caffeine consumption bit by bit over 3 – 6 months. Your brain will thank you for the easy-going pace.

3) Light exercise at first

Don’t let fatigue hold you back when you’re quitting caffeine. Do some light exercise, a walk around the block, or a chill yoga session. You might miss the boost from your energy drinks, but your body will appreciate the effort.

4) L-Theanine

Anxiety is an unwelcome guest when you’re quitting caffeine. Enter stage right: L-Theanine! This non-addictive herb is your friend during this time, helping to keep those nerves at bay.

5) Quitting Caffeine

Supplements packed with natural goodies like Rhodiola Rosea & 5-HTP can be your cheer squad as you quit caffeine. They’re like a secret weapon against the withdrawal blues.

sean’s note:

I didn’t take this, but it will help with depression caused by caffeine withdrawal symptoms and all ingredients are natural.

6) Astragalus Root!

This stuff is amazing. It is a Chinese adaptogenic that helps the body with fatigue, deal with stress, and raise the chi. I take 400mg every day.

7) Eat a healthy diet! Stay away from sugar

Sure, quitting caffeine is tough, but don’t replace your coffee with sugar-laden junk. Eating clean is the way to go. Your body will reward you with better energy and a shorter caffeine withdrawal timeline. Remember folks.

Pro Tip:

Also, be careful with energy drinks. They are even more unhealthy than coffee since they contain a lot of sugar. If you are trying to reap all the benefits of quitting caffeine I would highly recommend stopping drinking energy drinks.

These tips are simple, but they will help shorten your caffeine withdrawal timeline! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best

Your Body is Like a Sports Car

BMW orange sports car

I like to think of my body like a highly tuned BMW M6. I’m not going to fill it with shitty dirty fuel (Coffee, Soda, Energy Drink), but instead, I am going to put clean premium oil and fuel in (Water, Vegetables, Essential Fatty Acids)

This is going to keep my engine running smoothly and clean, give me a better supply of power, and increase my mpg.

In Conclusion

We’ve journeyed through the realities of caffeine intake and its impact, from daily energy to blood pressure. Quitting caffeine doesn’t promise a straight road; withdrawal timelines differ for each person.

Energy drinks or coffee may offer a swift uplift, but imagine the possibilities of natural, sustained energy. It’s clear that while caffeine has benefits, saying goodbye to it can open a new realm of well-being.

Remember, this isn’t a rapid transformation but a journey toward a cleaner, more rejuvenating state.


Nothing said in this article or in response to any comments in this article is meant to be confused with medical advice. This and any response to any questions is my opinion and please see your doctor for any medical questions.


Coffee withdrawal can last from a few days to a week for some people, but for others, it can last for months.

Yes, in some cases caffeine withdrawal can indeed last for months, especially for those who have had a heavy or prolonged caffeine intake.

Yes, dizziness can be a symptom of caffeine withdrawal as your body adjusts to functioning without it.

Headaches from caffeine withdrawal can last from a few days to a week, but they can extend over several weeks in some cases.

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